Why Freeman Electronics folded

Eugene Freeman was my Dad.  The company was based in Los Angeles, Ca.  Probably in the San Fernando Valley where we lived.  He lived in a mid century modern hillside home in Studio City, California, overlooking the San Fernando Valley.  He worked for Roberts, and Citroen before going out on his own.  The company folded when hundreds of returns occured due to overly tight tolerances on the drive motor’s plain bearings.  The mysterious defect would only happen to some units, under certain use and environmental conditions.  The motor would sieze, or slow down.  He tried to make good on the units but there were too many.  From there, he founded Columbia Management Science Corp., helping corporations streamline operations by working smarter.  In later years, he returned to building subdivisions and had his own real estate sales agency.  Definitely a self-starter entrepreneur of the old school.

Evolution of the Aristona name

Philips purchased a company named NSF in the 1920s which produced radios and transmitting equipment. NSF started to market their product in Germany using the brand name Aristona in the 1950s. The sales of Aristona turned out to be significantly better so Philips expanded the lineup and began marketing in other countries under this name. Typically Aristona products were very similar to Philips models at a lower price point.