Integrex WW Dolby Noise Reducer

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Technical Details


Country of Manufacturer: United Kingdom

Model:WW Dolby Noise Reducer

Voltage(s): 120V, 220-240v

Intended Use:Consumer

Noise Reduction:Dolby B


One of the few noise reduction units manufactured in the UK, the Integrex Dolby Noise Reducer featured a very good version of Dolby B and was recommended by Barclay Crocker, a high-end tape  duplicator in the US. The WW was the upscale model with the following features
Dolby B playback and recording
Check tape swhitch for three head machines
19 Khz filter for FM and also had Dolby FM
Ouput, record and balance level controls
Regulated power supply
Solid mahogany cabinet
Available as a kit in the UK for 44 pounds or assembled @ 60 pounds