M² Circuits

Toronto, Canada
Available Upon Request
1 Technician
Drop-off/Pickup Only
5 Years in Electronics Service
Service Description

My name is Maurizio, and I was mentored by TEAC and Studer technician Tom McCartney. I worked for Tom (T. M. Electronics) for 5 years, and began taking on my own clients in the last 3 years. I specialize in tape recorders, but also repair amplifiers, and receivers - both tube and solid state, cassette decks, guitar amplifiers, and studio equipment. I also make service calls for studios, or for any large equipment that needs on-site servicing.

I carry MRL test tapes for reproduce calibration of open reels, and have custom made cassette test tapes using original TEAC test cassettes. For record calibration I have several reels of RTM tape, including SM468, SM900, SM911, as well as Capture 914. Frequency response graphs are available upon request for 3-head units, completed using the Quantasylum QA401.

On the side I enjoy repairing and restoring vintage test equipment like tube oscilloscopes, and have a growing collection.

Service Types:
  • Reel-Reel
  • Cassette
  • 8 Track
Other Audio Categories I/We Service:
  • Amplifiers/Receivers/Separates