The Vintage Audio

,Polk City, Florida, USA
Commonwealth Ave
1 Technician
Average Turnaround Time -45 Days
8 Years in Electronics Service
Service Description

Our services range from simple reel to reel belt replacement to a complete overhaul of your entire unit. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the unit and time to perform the work.

We will inspect your unit and provide a range of estimates based on the needs to get your unit working, or to a complete overhaul. You decide how much work you would like done.

-Inspect and test for problem areas
-Clean inside and out
-Remove old lubricants and oils and replace
-Align, adjust, and calibrate components
-Replace worn and old electronic components
-Replace belts
-Replace tactile buttons

A full restoration includes a thorough cleaning and relubrication of all moving parts and:

-Full capacitor replacements. The capacitors in many of these units are at or beyond their life expectancy
-High quality Audio Grade electrolytic capacitors are used throughout
-New tactile switches are installed
-Cermet Trim pots replace old worn trim pots in Reel to Reels

Service Types:
  • Reel-Reel
  • Cassette
  • 8 Track
Other Audio Categories I/We Service:
  • Amplifiers/Receivers/Separates
  • Turntables/Cartridges
  • CD players