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1921– Max Braun (1883-1967), a mechanical engineer, started building small appliances in Germany
1923– Braun started making radio set components for the broadcasting industry
1929– Braun began making entire radio sets, becoming one of Germany’s leading radio manufacturers
1937– The first use of the Braun brand name and logo.
1938– The famous S50 electric razor produced, not to be manufactured until after the war
1960– Braun introduces the iconic and minimalist TG 60 R-R, designed by Dieter Rams
1970– The Braun TG 1000 R-R was introduced, with electronically regulated torque for the motors that kept tension even and made the machine run smoothly and quietly.
1973- The TG-1000-4  was introduced and made until 1978
1981– The Braun audio and hi-fidelity division, formerly part Braun’s core business of radios, turntables, and hi-fidelity audio products, was spun off into Braun Electronic GmbH
1990– Braun Electronic GmbH produced its last audio hi-fi set

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1921 To 2017
1960 To 1978

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