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1859 Alfred Charles Cossor established a company in England to manufacture scientific glassware.

1902 The company produced the first British made Braun tube (cathode ray tube)

1927 Launched its famous “Melody Makers” radio sets. These constructor kits did much to popularize radio

1932 Introduced its first cathode ray oscilloscope.

1936 Sold its first television receiver.

1945 Secondary radar for air traffic control became a key area of development.

1949 EMI acquired control of Cossor

1950’s Manufacture of radio sets continued after the war with fewer and fewer models ending with the introduction of tape recorders before the Cossor was sold in the 60’s.

1953 Cossor began manufacturing TV sets

1958 Cossor sold its radio and television business to Philips

1961 Cossor was acquired by the Raytheon Manufacturing Co.

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