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The G252 was specially developed to meet the request of a special client… the Vatican.

The fortunes of the Geloso company were very much linked to the needs of the Vatican. Geloso equipment was in many cases purpose-built for the church. As a result, there were Geloso systems in every church in Italy, great PR since 99% of Italians were catholic and went to church regularly in those days. And, of course, what was good enough for the “church” was good enough for the churchgoers!

Installing amplification systems in churches, theatres and other catholic organizations Geloso were aware that they needed some sort of recording system to be employed from time to time: conferences, at schools, local festivals to name just a few and they solved the solution with the G252.

High-Fidelity wasn’t such a big issue as was the need to sell a lot of recorders and spread them all over the country, however they needed a machine that would be very reliable, robust enough to survive being operated by many different people, most of whom had never seen a recorder before!


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1932 To 1972
1949 To 1971