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1946 – Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan was founded by group of young entrepreneurs to manufacture sophisticated high-fidelity electronic components and amateur radio equipment.

Kenwood- combination of the name “Ken,” which is common in both America and Japan, and “Wood,” referenced the durable substance as well as the first overseas office in Hollywood.

1947 – Manufactures high-performance radio parts

1949 – Created the first-ever high-frequency transformer

1950 – Renamed as Kasuga Radio Industry Corporation

1955 – Established Tokyo office and begins mass production of audio, communications and measuring equipment.

1957 – Developed and manufactured the first FM tuner in Japan.

1960 – Company was renamed Trio Corporation. Trio’s products were rebranded by the Lafayette Radio Company, with a focus on citizens’ band radio.

1962 – Launched the industry’s first transistor amplifier

1963 – The first overseas office in Los Angeles County, California, USA

1972 – Releases KW-5066 R-R stereo tape deck

1977 – Launched Kenwood’s series of “Integrated Amplifier” stereo power amplifiers

1978 – Entered the commercial wireless radio equipment field

1980 – Released stereo cassette deck KX-1060 and launched car audio systems in the U.S.

1982 – Introduced portable FM radio.

1983 – First compact disc player.

1986 – Trio bought Kenwood and renamed itself Kenwood.

1991 – Released stereo double cassette deck KX-W8030. Developed the radio systems for F1 world championship race and began an official supplier contract with the Team McLaren.

1994 – Entered digital mobile phones

2008 – Kenwood made a deal to merge with JVC and formed a new holding company known as JVCKenwood.

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