Rostov (Ростов) Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Company Description

Rostov Ростов appear to be one of the more significant tape recorder manufacturers in Russia, producing higher quality recorders than we have seen from many of the other contenders. These machines were manufactured in a variety of different Rostov factories. The following is a summary of the known models and the factory that produced them.

Ростов-101-стерео 1975 Pribor Factory
Ростов-102 стерео
Ростов-104-стерео 1979 Pribor Factory
Ростов-105-стерео  1985 Pribor Factory
Ростов МК-105С-1 1988 1985 Pribor Factory
Ростов МПК-111С did not go into production by Rostov and was transferred to the Bryansk Electric Mechanical Plant, where they made the Soyuz  MPK-111C in 1987
Ростов-112-стерео Rostov Factory 1988-1990
Ростов МК-112С  Pribor Factory from 1990 – 1992
Ростов МПК-113С
Ростов МК-012С 1990-93 Rostov’s Pribor Factory

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General Information

Manufacturer: Rostov (Ростов)

Country: Russia

Years making R-R Tape Recorders: 1975 To 1993