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1880 Carl Lorenz, established as C. Lorenz Aktiengesellschaft or C. Lorenz AG, a telegraph construction company in Berlin, Germany.

1921 George van Schaub established the company Schaub in Berlin

1923 C. Lorenz AG manufactured radios

1930s International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) acquired C. Lorenz and Standard Electric

1940 C. Lorenz AG purchased the Schaub Apparatebau GmbH.

1950s Started manufacturing tape recorders.

1952 Introduced “Illustra”, the first color television set in Europe.
1958 ITT established Schaub-Lorenz

1965 Schaub Lorenz released 5001 Music Centre (with 46 hours of playback)and 5005 ‘radiogram’ model.

1967 Discountinued production of Music Centre. Became the biggest German manufacturer of portable radio

1990 General Trading bought the Schaub Lorenz brand.

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