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Technical Details

Brand: Berlant





Country of Manufacture:USA

Release dates:1954-1954

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Speeds: 7 1/2, 15

Max Reel Size("): 10.5"

Number of heads: 3

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: Mono - Full Track

# Motors: 3

Voltage(s): 110-120v

Frequency Response:(±2 dB): 40 - 15,000Hz at 15 ips. 50 - 9,000Hz at 7½ ips

Wow and Flutter:0.1% RMS at 15 ips. 0.2% RMS at 7½ ips

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:measured at 400Hz @ 3%THD - 55dB

Sound quality rating:5 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 6 / 10

Additional Details


The 1951 Network recorder (NWR) was designed primarily for professional use in broadcasting situations. It featured direct capstan drive from a dual speed hysteresis-synchronous motor, dynamic braking, push-pull design in erase bias, record and playback circuitry and space for up to five heads.
This was an incredibly sturdy and stable machine – the drive mechanism and erase bias oscillator was mounted on a rigid cast aluminium panel. Shock-mounted solenoids facilitated positive operation of braking system and drive pressure rollers. The drive capstan was precision ground from Chromalloy and balanced torque take-up and supply motors ensured smooth winding.
The head mounting bracket was removable and made of magnetic shielding material with hardened steel inserts for alignment screws. The heads were adjustable in height, longitudinal angle and lateral angle and adjustment of azimuth could be made while the recorder was in operation.
Bayonet hub locks were used to fasten reels of up to 10½ inches in diameter.

Additional Info

Playback timing accuracy: ±0.2% / Total harmonic distortion: 2% at 0 VU / Start time: 0.1 seconds to 15 ips / Rewind speed: less than 60 seconds for 2500 ft / Bias frequency: 75kHz / Inputs: minus 20VU minimum, 10KΩ bridging, 500KΩ unbalanced / Output: plus 20 VU, 600Ω balanced / Panel sizes: deck 14 x 19" (356 x 483mm) amplifier 7 x 19" (178 x 483 mm) mounting depth below panes 6" (152mm) / interchangeable heads for full and half track mono, and stereo


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