C.E.I. Cuemaster 77 Mk IV

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Technical Details

Brand: C.E.I.

Model:Cuemaster 77 Mk IV



Electronics:Solid State


Country of Manufacture:Australia

Release dates:1973 - 1977

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Max Reel Size("): 7"

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: full-track-mono

Voltage(s): 220-240v

Sound quality rating:5 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 5/ 10

Additional Details


The Cuemaster 77 Mk IV was a full track mono tape recorder, manufactured in Melbourne
Australia by Consolidated Electronic Industries (CEI).
CEI had purchased the rights to manufacture the 77 from Rola, who, in
turn, had acquired the 77 way back in the late 1950s when they took over
the Byer company. The 77 had evolved over the years and by the time CEI
released the Mk IV in the mid 1970s, it was a fully solid state, very
professional machine. Although quite different in appearance to the earlier
Rola and Byer 77s, the Cuemaster retained most of the features of its
Tape transport was all direct drive with three motors. No belts were
used and the only rubber component was the pinch roller. Shuttle speed
between fast forward and rewind was electronically controlled by a sliding
control which made cueing tapes quick and easy. Playing speeds were 7½ and 15 ips.

Additional Info


Surprisingly good tape recorder for a retro. Many users with decent but not top-flight sound systems would consider this to be an asset to their collection.
Sound: 7
Performance: 7
3 years ago
Marconi 888 b
Adding to collection without review.
8 months ago

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