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Technical Details

Brand: Hornyphon

Model:Diola - Super WM-4210T

Category:Mid High Fidelity


Electronic:Solid State

Country of Manufacture:Austria

Release dates:1963 - 1966

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Speeds: 1 7/8, 3 3/4

Max Reel Size("): 7"

Number of heads: 2

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: Mono - Full Track

Voltage(s): 220-240v

Frequency Response:(all 3 dB): 3¾ ips: 60 - 13kHz

Wow and Flutter:below 0.08% at 3¾ ips, below 0.1% at 1ips

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:better than 40 dB

Sound quality rating:5 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 5 / 10

Additional Details


Based on the Philips EL3548/30 and identical to the Stella ST458  and Cossor 1604, the Hornyphon Super WM-4210T was a mono quarter-track recorder with two speeds and a seven-inch reel capacity. Styling was quite bold for 1963, with a sloping fascia control and speaker panel at the front left of the machine while the front right hand panel housed all but two of the controls, the speed selector and the track selector being the exceptions.
Push-button transport controls were, from left to right, record (red), pause, playback, fast rewind, stop and fast forward.
Stereo playback was possible using an external
pre-amplifier (type EL3587) along with an extra amplifier and speaker. “Duo-play” and “Multi-play”
were also possible with this amplifier.

Additional Info

Audio output power: 2.5 watts / Fast wind: 1,800 ft. in three minutes / Inputs: diode 20K, 3 mV. gram 500 K, 150 mV. microphone, 1 K, 1 mV / Outputs: diode, 20 K, 1V. loudspeaker, 3-7 ohms, 2.2W. headphones, 1.5 K, 200 mV. stereo, 300 ohms, 0.4 mV at 1Kc / s. / Valve complement: ECL82, EM87, five transistors, a diode and a selenium rectifier / Speaker(s): 6½ inch internal speaker / Dimensions: 15 x 7.1 x 14.6 inches (380 x 180 x 370 mm) / Weight: 17.62 lbs (8 kg) / quarter track mono


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