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Technical Details

Brand: Philips

Model:EL 3581





Country of Manufacture:Netherlands

Release dates:1959 - 1962

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Max Reel Size("): 3"

Number of heads: 2

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: Mono - Full Track

Voltage(s): 220-240v

Outputs: DIN

Wow and Flutter:Very high!

Sound quality rating:4 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 6/ 10

Additional Details


“…Judging from the internal design of this machine it is made in the late 50’s. It operates with a kind of cartridge similar to those used by Garrard but just a little bit smaller. The idea obviously is to make it easy to operate (not one for the HI-FI nuts). Regular 3” reels can be used without any trouble.

Additional Info

Tube complement: 1 x ECC 83.  1 x EL 8495 / Inputs: combined remote-microphone-headphone in one DIN plug / half-track mono


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