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Technical Details

Brand: Wyndsor


Category:Mid High Fidelity



Country of Manufacture:United Kingdom

Release dates:1961 - 1964

Tracks:1/4 Rec/PB

Speeds: 3 3/4, 7 1/2

Max Reel Size("): 7"

Number of heads: 2

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: Mono - Full Track

# Motors:

Auto Reverse?:No

Voltage(s): 110-120v

Outputs: RCA

Frequency Response:(all 3 dB): 7½ ips: 40Hz - 18kHz

Wow and Flutter:(better than) 0.15% at 7½ ips and 0.2% at 3¾ ips

Sound quality rating:5 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 5/ 10

Additional Details


Designed to operate vertically, the Wyndsor International was a four-track two speed (3¾ & 7½ IPS) mono recorder with independent bass and treble controls and a rear-facing 8″ speaker. The selling point for the rear-facing speaker was that it could be useful for a lecturer, for example, who would be able to operate the machine
while the sound was being projected towards the audience.

A two-speed version of the three-motor Truvox Series 8 deck was utilized. Other features included output for stereo, three inputs with mixing, straight through amplifier capability, spool locking nuts, pause control, and VU meter for recording level.

Additional Info

Hum and noise: less than -45dB / Audio output power: 4 watts into 15 ohms / Inputs: microphone: 1mV at 2Mohm, radio / gram 150mV at 500Kohm / Outputs: from replay head and preamp / Speaker(s): 8″ round, rear-facing / Dimensions: 16¼ x 15¼ x 10″ (413 x 387 x 254 mm) / Weight: 35lbs 15.9 kg) / quarter-track mono


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