Art Blakey Buttercorn Lady-Philips

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7 /10

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Genre: Jazz

Artist: Art Blakey

Label: Philips

Tracks: 4 track

Speed: 7 1/2

Release #: SMT-5004

Duplicated by: Philips

Master Dub: No

Reel size: 7”

Sound quality rating: 7 / 10

Performance rating: 7 / 10

Record levels: Good

Channels: Stereo ( 2 )


From – Few jazz followers would think of trumpeter Chuck Mangione and pianist Keith Jarrett as former members of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, but in 1966, they both worked in the drummer’s classic hard bop unit and the stint gave them needed exposure and helped the pair to develop their own individual voices.


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