Shelly Manne / Andre Previn / Leroy Vinnegar My Fair Lady

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Genre: Jazz

Artist: Shelly Manne

Label: Contemporary

Made In: USA

Tracks: 4 track

Speed: 7 1/2

Release #: CY 7527

Duplicated by: Ampex

Master Dub: No

Reel size: 7”

Sound quality rating: 8 / 10

Performance rating: 8 / 10

Record levels: Good

Channels: Stereo ( 2 )


Shelly Manne with Andre Previn and Leroy Vinnegar – Shelly Manne and his Friends’ modern jazz performances of songs from My Fair Lady

This one’s a bit of a sleeper that many people don’t seem to know about and probably get put off by the title.

Some really good jazz here from some great musicians!

Contemporary also released this back in 1956 as an Inline 2 Track Tape


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