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Musical Performance Rating: 8/10 Sound Quality Rating:
7 /10

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Genre: Pop/Rock

Artist: The Beatles

Label: Capitol

Made In: USA

Tracks: 4 track

Speed: 7 1/2

Release date: 1966

Release #: ZT-2576

Duplicated by: ampex

Master Dub: No

Reel size: 7”

Sound quality rating: 7 / 10

Performance rating: 8 / 10

Record levels: Good

Channels: Stereo ( 2 )


1966 Revolver Capitol ZT-2576
(The only Capitol-manufactured
tape released in the 7½ ips format).
7″ stereo 7½ ips


This 4 track 7 1/2 IPS reel to reel edition of the Beatles classic looks to be practically untouched. On visual inspection I can detect no oxidation of the tape and while the box shows its age, there are no tears or stains


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