The Modern Jazz Quartet Space-Toshiba

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8 /10

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Genre: Jazz

Artist: The Modern Jazz Quartet

Label: Toshiba

Made In: Japan

Tracks: 4 track

Speed: 7 1/2

Release date: 1972

Release #: PXA-5037

Duplicated by: Toshiba

Master Dub: No

Reel size: 7”

Sound quality rating: 8 / 10

Performance rating: 7 / 10

Record levels: Good

Channels: Stereo ( 2 )


MJQ took a hiatus from Atlantic Records and recorded two LPs for the Apple label.

The music remained very similar on this album to its predecessors and is quite decent. This Japanese tape release from 1972 has excellent sound quality. Release Date  1969


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