Chuck Ziska

,Ocala, FL. USA
5351 Sw 111TH Lane Rd
1 Technician
Average Turnaround Time -14 Days
50 Years in Electronics Service
Service Description

Chuck Ziska bought his first Crown tape recorder in 1962, having been a hi-fi enthusiast from around the time that stereo was the new upcoming thing.
He completed courses in electronics at DeVry in 1962.
Chuck first started doing electronic and tape recorder service at Gill Custom House in Chicago in 1968 and stayed right up to 1985.
Having been there while vacuum tube technology transitioned into transistors, Chuck has pretty much seen everything in tape recorder technology from the earliest formative machines right on up to current.
The original crown serviceman, John Haines, who had worked at Crown since 1965, decided to retire and offered Chuck the opportunity to buy all the service parts and many other Crown related items that he had picked up over the years.
An opportunity that was seized!
Currently Chuck is the only man on the planet with the in-depth knowledge of the workings and servicing of the Crown tape recorders manufactured between 1956 to 1977. The go to guy.
But don't ask him to fix your Webster or Wilcox gay as he only services Crown machines, vacuum tube or solid-state.

Service Brands:
  • Crown
Service Types:
  • Reel-Reel