Telegraph-Hill Audio

South Brent / Devon ,United Kingdom
1 Technician
Average Turnaround Time -30 Days
40 Years in Electronics Service
Service Description

Hello, my name is Oliver, native German and I do Antique and Modern Music Reproduction Equipment Repairs. Yes, a long description but mainly we are not talking about repairs anymore, we are talking about restorations with equipment that is mainly 30 yrs plus old. Many of the machines had a hard life in Lofts, garages and storage areas with high moisture and temperature changes of more than 40 degrees. And than it is getting a bit more difficult just to change some Capacitors against new Nichicons :-) BTW I started repairing old R2R recorders from flea markets when I was 8. I was not always successful those days but later on I gained a fundamental electronic and mechanic apprenticeship and was able to work with the most interesting R2R machines on the planet, the IBM 3420. I am always interested in new machines and problems and never shy to take on a interesting job. Mainly I like R2R from Tandberg, Revox, Tascam, Otari, Sony, Akai, Grundig etc. I am based in Devon / UK

Service Brands:
  • Continental
Service Types:
  • Reel-Reel
  • Cassette
  • Elcaset
  • 8 Track
Other Audio Categories I/We Service:
  • Amplifiers/Receivers/Separates
  • Turntables/Cartridges