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Technical Details


Spec: Tube, Adjustable Gain, Playback EQ, Level Controls

# Tubes:7

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Suggested Input Wiring:


Input: RCA

Output: RCA, NAB/IEC2



Aditional details


Crown produced these excellent Tube/Valve preamplifiers to go with their 800 transports, from 1959-1964.

The various sections of this preamplifier include  microphone preamps,  playback amps, record preamplifier and record oscillator cathode follower output.

Over the years they produced 2 different versions. The most common version included front panel bass and treble controls with  bias adjustment.

The second one was the broadcast version with  rear adjust bias adjustments, Mic & balanced line inputs, front panel headphone jack but no bass or treble controls.

The inputs of the RP 3 are quarter-inch headphone jacks which many users convert to RCA’s for modern use.


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