Fostex Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Company Description

Fostex produced reel to reel tape recorders which were manufactured in Japan. These tape recorders targeted the studio market. Fostex tape recorders used solid state electronics. The company produced both 2 and 4 track machines available in 110-120v, 220-240v & Multi voltages.

1949 Mr. S.Nishimura and Mr. H.Shinohara established Shinano Onkyo Institute in Japan to manufacture speakers.

1953 The “Foster” trade name was registered

1960 Makes speakers for Sony transistor radios

1962 Foster makes microphones

1965 Foster makes stereo radio tuners

1973  The Fostex Company was founded by Foster Electric Co.,Ltd. to brand speaker components from Foster and sell them direct to consumers and dealers

1978 Developed speakers for professional use and began to export worldwide

1981 Enters the professional recording market with three reel-to-reel models, the A-2, A-4 and the A-8 which was the first eight channel multitrack recorder using 1/4″ tape.

Fostex also introduced the Model 350 mixer and Model 250 four-track cassette multitrack recorder.

1983 X-15, portable cassette-based four track that ran on batteries.  B-16 First Fostex 16 track R-R using 1/2″ tape with Dolby C noise reduction

1986 The E-16 was introduced.

1990 Released G-16S. E-16 and G-16S (first R-R with Dolby S noise reduction)

1991 G-24S with 24 tracks into 1″ tape

Fostex transitioned to digital audio

1995 DMT-8, world’s first ‘digital multitracker’. Produced the RD-8 Alesis Digital Audio
Tape (ADAT) digital recorder 


General Information

Manufacturer: Fostex

Years in Business: 1949

Country: Japan