Jupiter Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Company Description

Jupiter reel to reel tape recorders were manufactured at various communist factories in Kiev.

Here’s a list of the known models of reel to reel tape recorders that Jupiter produced

Юпитер-Квадро quad 1974
Юпитер-Стерео Stereo portable
Юпитер-001-стерео 1972 Kiev Beacon Factory
Юпитер-002-стерео Kiev Beacon Factory
Юпитер-003-стерео Kiev Beacon Factory
Юпитер МК-106С 1990 Kiev Radar plant
Юпитер МК-106С-1 1992 Kiev radar factory.
Юпитер МПК-107С 1992 Kiev radar factory
Юпитер-201-стерео 1972
Юпитер-202-стерео 1974
Юпитер-203-стерео 1979 ++
Юпитер-203-1-стерео 1982
Юпитер-204-стерео 1980
Юпитер-303 1972 Omsk Electrical Plant named after Karl Marx
Юпитер-1201 1971 Omsk Electrical Plant

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General Information

Brand: Jupiter

Country: Russia

Years making R-R Tape Recorders: 1971 To 1994