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Technical Details

Brand: Grundig

Model:TM 8

Category:Mid High Fidelity




Country of Manufacture:Germany

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Speeds: 3 3/4, 7 1/2

Max Reel Size("): 7"

Number of heads: 2

Head Composition: Permalloy, Metal

Head Configuration: full-track-mono

# Motors: 1

Auto Reverse?:No

Voltage(s): 100v Japan, 110-120v, 220-240v, Multi

Outputs: DIN

Frequency Response:40 Hz -16000 Hz at 19 cm/sec.

Sound quality rating:6 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 5/ 10

Additional Details


According to the users guide…
Voltage Selector: 117, 150, 200, 220, 240 V
Power Consumption: approx. 50 Watt (when rewinding approx. 90 Watt)
Fuses: 5 x 20 mm, slow
Tube Complement: EF 86 – ECC 81 – EL 42 – EM 85 – 2 dry rectifiers
Tape Speed: 9,5 cm/sec. (switchable)
Tape Tracking: Dual track system with international tracking
Frequency Range: When 9,5 cm/sec. 50 Hz …  approx. 10000 Hz, when 19 cm/sec. 40 Hz … approx. 16000 Hz
Bias: High frequency approx. 40 kHz
Damping: >60 dB (Ferrit-Loschkopf)
Recommended Tape Type: GRUNDIG – BASF – LGS, 18 cm reel, “For Grundig tape recorders with on-off switch”
Modulation Control: Magic Fan (also operating display) [direct translation from German. May not make sense]
Time/Footage Minder: Counter with reset
Full Reel Run Time: Approx. 2 x 60 minutes at normal play,
approx. 2 x 90 minutes at slow speed (9,5 cm/sec.)
Rewind Time (Full Tape):  Approx. 100 seconds at normal speed
Automatic Functions: Auto shutoff at end of tape
Output Level: 800 mV @ 3 kOhms

Additional Info


This TM-8 came installed in a Musikschrank and came with an original microphone. No serial number is recorded (it may be stamped under the top plate). The tape deck, like the rest of the console, needs electronics work, which means I haven't really heard it yet. It goes through its functions pretty well. And it's good looking and solidly built - with all of that German over-engineering that they are famous for. If and when I should ever have it repaired, I will report back with my opinions.

Sound Quality Rating: 6/10
Long-term Reliability Rating: 5/10

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