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Genre: Classical

Orchestra: Philharmonia Orchestra

Conductor: Ricardo Muti

Soloist: Sviatoslav Richter

Artist: Mozart

Label: EMI/Angel USA

Made In: USA

Tracks: 4 track

Speed: 7 1/2

Release #: 1R1537740

Duplicated by: Ampex

Master Dub: No

Reel size: 7”

Sound quality rating: 7 / 10

Performance rating: 7 / 10

Record levels: Good

Channels: Stereo ( 2 )


This was digitally mastered and rendered back to analog As they were doing With LPs and tapes in the early days of CD. Many enthusiasts avoided these for the  next 15 or 20 years, only to discover that  they actually sounded quite good and in some cases have become quite collectible. Very little of this showed up on reel.


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