Studer Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Company Description

Studer produced reel to reel tape recorders from 1949 to 1995 which were manufactured in Switzerland. These tape recorders targeted the studio and consumer market. Studer tape recorders used solid state electronics. The company produced both 2 and 4 track machines available in 110-120v, 220-240v, 100v Japan & Multi voltages.

1948 –   January 5th, Willi Studer founded the “Willi Studer, Factory for Electronic Equipment Company” in Herisau, Switzerland which develops and builds oscilloscopes for high voltage labs

1949 –   Development of reel to reel machines, initially marketed under the name Dynavox – the first Studer tape recorder.

1951 –  Dynavox becomes Revox and the first tape recorder bearing the name Revox , the T26 was a revised version of the Dynavox

1952 –  Two product lines and brand names were established. Studer represents the professional studio range while Revox becomes the premium brand for the private music lover

1952 –   “Studer A27” was presented as Willi Studer’s first professional studio tape recorder which  was the first Studer machine to feature a three-motor drive design. Limited production of the Studer A 27 begins

1955 –  Studer A37 and Studer B37 were released

1957 – First portable tape recorder Studer B30. After producing several thousand tape recorders and facing increasing demand, the company establishes an international sales network

1958 –  Studer 69, the first portable mixing console

1960 –  Production of the C37 tube tape machine begins

1962 –   Studer E36 introduced

1963 –   Several new distributors join Studer to market the Swiss tape recorders in many different countries.

1964 –  The legendary Studer J37 4-track tape recorder and multi-channel tape machine with tube technology goes into production.

1965 –  First fully transistorized professional tape recorder, the Studer A62.

1967 –  The “Beatles” choose the Studer J37 4-track for their album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

1967 – The Studer-Revox company dominates the area of advanced studio technology for decades.

1968 –   The Studer 189 mixer.

1970-1988 –   Studer A80 is introduced with a new modular design concept and would be the longest produced, best-selling Studer tape machine. Willi Studer is honored with a fellowship by the AES for valuable contributions to the advancement of audio engineering.

1972 –   World’s largest professional audio mixing console, the Studer 289 with 30 input channel

1973 –   The first synthesizer-tuner, “Studer A720” was presented.

1978 –   Presentation of the Studer A800, the first microprocessor-controlled tape recorder. Willi Studer is awarded an honorary doctorate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.Broadcasting Corporation SRG.

1980 –   Cooperation with SONY on standardized PCM-formats.

1982 –  Studer 900-series mixing console, the Revox PR99 and the A710 cassette tape recorder.

1983 –   Studer’s first digital products, the SFC-16 sampling frequency converter and the DAD-16 disc cutting preview delay. Strong involvement in the standardization of the DASH format for streaming audio.

1985 –   Studer A820 analog multitrack recorder, the A725 CD-Player and the 961/962 mixing desk series.

1985 –   Studer A725 and A725 QC – the first CD of Studer in collaboration with Philips

1986 –   Studer A807 – To date, the smallest Tape recorder made by Studer.

1986 –   Studer D820X – first digital tape recorder

1989 –   Studer D820 MCH – DASH multi-channel tape recorder with up to 48 channels. This was the last model that Willi Studer participated in, at the age of 77 . Studer wants to retire, several international companies are interested in buying the Studer Revox Group. Studer was sharpening its focus on digital technology, forming Studer Editech after buying Integrated Media Systems, maker of the Dyaxis hard disk recording system.

1990 –   Willi Studer sells the Studer Revox Group and all subsidiaries to Motor-Columbus AG.

1994 –   Studer Group is revitalized after acquisition by Harman International, Inc.

1996 – Willi Studer died on March 1st, 1996.

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General Information

Manufacturer: Studer

Years in Business: 1951 To Present

Country: Switzerland

Years making R-R Tape Recorders: 1951 To 1989


A huge resource of Studer information

Spare parts : Preislisten/Studer Preisliste 2000.pdf 1992.pdf

According to this website, the A807 were $12,500. Someone once told me the A810 were around $22,000. No idea how much the A80 and A820 were.

US list price (converted from CHF) for a standard Studer A-810/2-track butterfly heads, 3-speed 4-pole capstan motor with trolley was approximately $14.4 K at the end of its run around 1991.

1948 –  January 5th, Willi Studer founded the “Willi Studer Factory for Electronic Equipment Company” in Herisau, Switzerland  building oscilloscopes for high voltage labs.

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