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Technical Details

Brand: Lyrec


Category:Super High Fidelity


Electronics:Solid State


Country of Manufacture:Denmark

Release dates:1992 - 1996

Tracks:1/2 Rec/PB

Speeds: 3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15

Max Reel Size("): 10.5+"

Number of heads: 4

Dimension: 17.3 x 3.2 x 15.75 in. (440 x 80 x 398mm)

Head Composition: Permalloy

Head Configuration: Stereo

# Motors: 3

Auto Reverse?:No

Voltage(s): 100v Japan, 110-120v, 220-240v

Outputs: XLR, RCA

Frequency Response:3¾ ips: 30Hz - 16kHz 7½ ips: 30Hz - 20kHz 15 ips: 30Hz - 28kHz ±2 dB

Wow and Flutter:3¾ ips: 0.12% 7½ ips: 0.08% 15 ips: 0.06%

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:65dB "A" 15 ips

Sound quality rating:9 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 7/ 10

Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)

Additional Details


The last model produced in the Lyrec lineup, the PTR-1 ‘FRIDA’ was a professional recorder with state-of-the-art features and fantastic specifications in a small, portable and flat package weighing only 12 kg.
Designed primarily for the broadcast industry, FRIDA was made to endure heavy workloads in almost any work environment and could be installed in a rack, console or simply placed on a desktop, with the rear swing-out handle acting as a stand.
Features included full logic local and remote control, up to 12″ (300mm) reel capacity, open tape path for easy editing (with inbuilt tape cutter and tape dumping), elaborate cuing and ‘Go To’ functions, real time tape counter and gentle but fast tape handling (it took less than 70 seconds to wind 2400ft reel of tape).

3 Motors- 2 reel motors and one capstan motor with 4 Heads  –  Erase, Record, Play & Time Code.

Dolby HX-PRO active biasing/eq can be used while recording to reduce tape hiss in low level passages, delivering a 5db improvement in signal-to-noise ratio and does not require decoding in playback.

Additional Info

Speed accuracy: ±0.2%, crystal controlled / Varispeed: ±7 semitones (0.42 to 1.58 x speed) / Wow & flutter (DIN 45507 peak wtd): 3¾ ips: 0.12%, 7½ ips: 0.08%, 15 ips: 0.06% / Fast wind speed: slightly over 60 seconds for 2400ft tape / 510 Wb / m, NAB / Erase frequency: 150kHz / Bias Frequency: 300kHz / Bias system: Dolby HX Pro / Headphone output: unbalanced, impedance 180Ω / Line input: electronically balanced, imp. 10kΩ, clipping level 26dBM / Line output: electronically balanced, imp. 400Ω, clipping level 26dBM / 600Ω


I have had nine of these machines, plus also have four TR 55s.  The sound quality of all is excellent, however the Fridas are a little finicky in terms of maintenance.  
Sound: 9
Performance: 8
3 years ago
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