Revox Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Company Description

Revox produced reel to reel tape recorders from 1951 to 1998 which were manufactured in Switzerland. These tape recorders targeted the consumer and semi-pro market. The early models of Revox tape recorders used tube electronics and later on they transitioned to solid-state tape recorders. The company produced both 2 and 4 track machines available in 110-120v, 220-240v & Multi voltages.

1948 – January 5th, Willi Studer founded the “Willi Studer, Factory for Electronic Equipment Company” in Herisau, Switzerland which develops and builds oscilloscopes for high voltage labs.

1949 – Development of reel to reel machines, initially marketed under the name “Dynavox” –  the first tape recorder of William Studer.

1951 – Revox T26 tape recorder – a development based on the Dynavox and  used in the professional world of broadcast.

1952 – Studer presented his first professional studio tape recorder “Studer A27”. Two product lines and brand names were established. Studer – for the professional studio range, Revox – the premium brand for the private music lover.

1954 – First Revox mono record player “Revox 60”

1954 – The famous “Revox A36”-series of tape recorders is put on the market with next version B36.

1960 – “Revox D36” – first stereo tape recorder for the 36 series and first stereo tape recorder for two or four track recording on the market.

1963 – “Revox G36” – crowning achievement in the development of tape recorders in tube technology.  The first synchronous motor was used as tone motor in the Revox G36.

1965 – A milestone of 50,000 Revox tape recorders

1966 – Subsidiary, “Willi Studer GmbH in Löffingen / Germany” starts production of Revox C36 models.

1967 – The last Revox G36 left the production line in Regensdorf, Switzerland.

(1967 – 1977) –  Revox A77 (MK I to MK LV)

1967 –  Introduction of the famous Revox A77 and its counterpart amplifier A50 and FM-tuner A76. The Studer-Revox company dominates the area of advanced studio technology for decades.

1970 – Revox A77, one of the Revox’s most successful product, that sold more than 400,000 units.  Enhanced by the addition of a matched FM tuner and amplifier, resulting in a uniformly designed hi-fi system.

1973 – “Revox A700” with two belt tension scales, quartz control of the sound engine and 3 speeds (9.5 cm / s, 19 cm / s and 38 cm / s).

(1977-1998) – Revox B77 (MK I to MK II)

1977 – The Revox B77 MK I replaced the Revox A77. Controlled via tactile switches; an integrated tape drive logic controller took care of the execution and also took into account the movement status of the tape via a tape sensor.

1977 – Revox B790 – the first record player with quartz-controlled direct drive and tangential pick-up arm.

1980 – B77 MKII with a control for the Variable Speed under the front flap. Allows you to change the belt speed by + 10% to -10%. The 1980 distributor price list contained no less than 61 models and variants, and the 1988 sales price list still listed 28 different models.

(1980 onwards – Revox PR99 (MK I to MK III))

1982 – Revox PR99 is a three-motor drive, electronically controlled with A low-noise and low-distortion catch-up amplifier.

1981 to 1984 – Revox introduced a cassette recorder “Revox B710” the world’s first device with a four-motor drive

1983 – Revox B225 was the first CD Player of Revox. With the Multiroom System “Easy Line” and the B200 audio/video controller, Revox opens the innovative and trendsetting field of Multiroom technology.

1988 – Revox C-series (Models C270, C274, C278) came on the market and the big era of tape machines was over. Revox C270 reel tape recorder was one of the last recorders produced by Revox.

1996 – Willi Studer passed away on March 1, 1996.

General Information

Manufacturer: Revox

Years in Business: 1964 To Present

Country: Switzerland

Years making R-R Tape Recorders: 1963 To 1988