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1936 – The Vortexion Ltd of Wimbledon was founded by brothers Sidney and Edward Brown

1937 – Vortexion CP20, first portable amplifier

1942 – Edward Brown died

Post war

1947 – Produced AD47, recording amplifier and EMI BTR1, a Magnetophon recording and replay  amplifier

1948 – Emergence of complete home tape recorder

1949 – PX4, a stereophonic amplifier

1950s’ – Wimbledon or “Super 50” was released.

1950 – Introduced 3/PPM valve mixer

1953 – Vortexion “A” followed by WVA, a monaural machine and recording being made can be heard on  the internal loudspeaker and WVB series, a high quality monaural machine with ” Before and After “monitoring.

1965 – CBL6 R-R stereo, versatile recorder that can record monaurally or stereophonically with its own mixed inputs.

1967 – The CBL6 was considered by some to be the finest stereo reel to reel tape recorder ever produced in the UK.

1968 – Briefly marketed the Vortexion CBL7/ T.

The late 1960s – Vortexion make the move into transistors

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