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Technical Details

Brand: Sony

Model:TC 880-2

Category:Super High Fidelity


Electronics:Solid State


Country of Manufacture:Japan

Release dates:1974 - 1980

Original Price: $2495

Tracks:1/2 Rec/Play+1/4PB

Speeds: 7 1/2, 15

Max Reel Size("): 10.5"

Number of heads: 4

Dimension: 18.4 x 20.4 x 10.5" (465 x 515 x 265mm)

Head Composition: Ferrite/Glass

Head Configuration: Stereo - Stacked

# Motors: 4

Auto Reverse?:No

Voltage(s): 100v Japan, 110-120v, 220-240v

Outputs: XLR Balanced, RCA

Frequency Response:20Hz - 40kHz - 7½ ips: 25Hz - 30kHz

Wow and Flutter:.02% - 15 ips

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:65 dB - 60 dB (SLH tape)

Sound quality rating:7 / 10

Long-term reliability rating: 8/ 10

Weight: 80.4 lbs - 37 kg

Additional Details


The TC 880-2 was a semi-professional three head tape deck with a 10½ ” reel capacity and tape speeds of 15 ips and 7½ ips. Half-track stereo record, half & quarter-track stereo playback.
The logic -controlled tape transport for the main capstan was direct drive from an AC servo-controlled motor with an outer-rotor inertia flywheel for the secondary capstan. two induction reel motors were used for take-up and fast forward.
This recorder had a very rugged and professional look, with large, chunky knobs and switches. It also had a LED display for record/playback levels with a peak reading  hold setting which was fairly innovative at the time.

Other features included…
– Stepped Attenuators for Record and Playback Levels with 2dB increments (Sony were early adopters as many other companies seemed to know nothing about this)
– 4-Digit Tape Counter in Minute/Seconds (Actual elapsed time at 15 ips- Multiply by 2 for 7.5 ips)
– 3 position equalization and 2 position Bias Selector switches, – Variable-speed Pitch-control
– Headphone Volume-control
– Walnut side panels
Still selling in the UK in 1980, this was a very heavy machine ( 80.4 lbs / 37 kg) and extremely expensive – in 1980 it cost over £1,400 or to put that into perspective, a little over twice the price of a Revox B-77.  I have owned three of these over the years and even when fully tuned up, was disappointed that the playback sound quality was decent but not great and know another collector who had the same experience/opinion.

Service Considerations
– Difficult machine to service
– In addition to bad transistors, relays and the edge-connector socket are also common issues. Check to see if there are any cracks in the edge connector hanging off the lower unit. Apparently it’sa very common problem.
– Sony custom made IC’s that can’t be found if something goes wrong
– Remote socket on the rear has to have a dummy plug inserted when you don’t have a remote control in order for the functions to work on this machine


Additional Info

Production Years 1974-1980
New Price US $1995-2495 – U.K  £1200 (1977), £1,450 in 1980
Track System Half-Track Record, PB, Erase – Quarter-track playback
Heads Four- All Ferrite 1/2 Track Erase, Record and playback – 1/4 Track playback
Motors Three Direct Drive (no belts except counter)
Maximum Reel Size 10½ ”
Tape Speeds 15 and 7½ ips
Frequency Response 7.5 IPS +- 2 dB
25 – 20k low noise tape
25 – 25k SLH
30 – 30k FeCr
Frequency Response 15 IPS +- 2 dB
25 – 30k low noise tape
25 – 35k SLH
20 – 40k FeCr
Wow & Flutter
15 ips: 0.02% RMS weighted ±0.03% DIN
7½ ips: 0.03% RMS weighted ±0.04% DIN
Signal to noise ratio
65 DB FeCr
59 DB low noise
Harmonic distortion 0.5% with FeCr tape
150 transistors, 5 ICs 114 diodes and 4 FETs
Bias frequency  160kHz
Rewind Speed 2 minutes and 10 seconds with 2,427 ft (740m) tape
Real Time Tape Counter
microphone: 0.2 mV (- 72dB), impedance 600 ohms
line: 60 mV (- 22dB), impedance 100 K DIN
line: impedance 10 K, output level 435 mV (0 dB)
headphones: 8 ohms DIN
18.4 x 20.4 x 10.5″ (465 x 515 x 265mm)
80.4 lbs (37 kg)

The Japanese model was the TC-8750-2

Optional Remote Control Sony RM-16


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